This autumn VOYA want you to wrap up in luxurious self-care and feel healthy, energised and with glowing skin, not just physically but also mentally.  Autumn is a glorious time of year, with it comes to cooler air flows, beautiful golden crisp sunsets, the days get that bit shorter and we spend more time indoors. This year lets focus on our wellbeing and protecting ourselves and others.



As seen in Vogue, VOYA’s Lazy Days seaweed bath is the ultimate way to experience VOYA. Once immersed in a hot bath, seaweed will naturally rehydrate and spring back to life, releasing its soothing and moisturising properties. Seaweed baths have been used for generations in the care and repair of the skin and have shown to help against signs of ageing and cellulite. Known to remineralise the body, seaweed works to hydrate and moisturise, while also working to detoxify and remove unwanted toxins.


Walks or runs in the autumn are always a wonderful way to feel grounded, and instantly renewed. Get out into nature and feel instantly refreshed with fresh air, also the exercise will do you good! This is not a time for full hibernation it is a time for rejuvenation and balance.


Stay nourished with seasonal foods that are available and fresh. Buy foods that are in season. Due to the change in temperature you are more likely to get sick this time of year. Hit up those herbs and spices, start making some soups, broths, and roots! Turmeric, garlic, and ginger are excellent for balancing you and maintaining health and wellbeing.




The antioxidants in cranberry seed oil act as they can protect the skin from environmental stressors. Cranberry Seed Oil has perfect ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, which means that it absorbs super well into the skin, giving a high level of hydration. This means your skin is more likely to absorb Vitamin E, and other nutrients in the oil.

Product pick for autumn skincare – Even Pure, light day moisturiser.


Pumpkin oil is high in Vitamins A, B2, & B3 and Beta Carotene, Potassium, Magnesium and most importantly Zinc. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps to moisture and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Product pick for autumn skincare – My Little Hero facial serum and Me Time smoothing moisturiser.


Rosehip Oil is a natural source of high levels of essential fatty acids 3 & 6, as well as the antioxidants lycopene and beta-carotene. This incredibly versatile oil is known to aid in the regeneration of damaged skin cells and brighten skin tone.

Product pick for autumn skincare – Balancing Act Balancing Face Serum.


Rich in amino acids, antioxidants and Vitamin C, this super fruit protects against environmental free radical damage. Pomegranate seed oil hydrates the skin penetrating deeply and creates moisture that will not feel greasy therefore it’s perfect for all skin types including oily skin.

Product pick for autumn skincare – Bright Eyes – Regenerating Eye Cream

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