Healing Rituals to feel good

The world has been a scary and uncertain place this year and many of us are looking for ways to feel good and do good amongst the chaos. The good news is, there are many little things you can do for yourself and others right now.


Give yourself time to enjoy your morning, do not sleep in until the last minute before you are on the clock, especially when you are working from home. Give yourself time to wake up, drink your coffee with the sun on your face, even from indoors, do a morning stretch, eat a wholesome breakfast, and sometimes try to get some fresh air to start the day.

Healthy morning breakfast


Each day we recommend 30 minutes of exercise whether this is a run around the neighbourhood or an online Yoga class. Listen to your body, feel your surroundings, connect with your world inner and outer. Yoga can be a form of holistic treatment; in a way, it offers a form of massage just in itself.

Voya Yoga Pose


Take a break from the endless scroll on Instagram, its good to keep informed but not constantly, sometimes seeing everyone’s take on everything can get a bit overwhelming, and you can go down a rabbit hole of anxiety. Unplug for a time each day, put away your devices and have quiet time if possible, whether it is outdoor or indoor. A technology break from the noise is important. Whether it is a long walk or reading a book. What better way to get your mind off things for a bit than losing yourself in a book? Silence can be healing.


This can help with anxiety and depression, make it part of your daily routine and breathe. For newbies, there are plenty of apps to get you into it before you leave the phone behind and do it anywhere unplugged. Check out Headspace or Calm or take 15 minutes and listen to VOYA’s Calming Sound Bath Ritual here.


Prioritise your sleep, just like the morning give yourself wind downtime and create a nice, personalised ritual. Sip on a cup of caffeine-free Camomile tea, double cleanse your skin and moisturise, take your time with your night-time skincare routine. Try to use lavender-infused body care products and light a tranquil candle. Scents at home are a great way to boost your mood or help you relax.

Groups exercising


Now you are at home more than ever, take care of it. Nurture the plants, enhance the décor, every room can receive a little extra love this year, now is the time to declutter and look at your haven anew. Let your creativity climb to new heights organise that project that has been on your list for a while. It will make you feel useful, and it might even be fun to do some problem-solving, trying to figure out where you want to put everything. A lovely playlist we are listening to right now for working or decluttering from work is Spotify’s Cinematic Chillout.


Whomever you are living with at the moment, it’s important to keep things light and cherish laughter, be patient with each other, say thank you and say it often. Watch something on Netflix that you both like and find humour in, its important to laugh together, to connect using the best medicine. There are those who are alone right now, remember these people and take time out to call them and ensure they know you are there for them.


Buy little gifts online from some of the wonderful local businesses that need your support. This year is important to think about where your money is going. Next week we will put together a list of our top Christmas gifts.

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