Voya Sustainable Beauty

There is no doubt that the tide has turned on sustainable beauty and wellbeing in the beauty industry. VOYA since its inception have constantly strived to showcase their sustainable sourcing and organic credentials. We ensure that we are making responsible choices in our formulations and business practices.

Unlike food, there is no legal regulation in place for health and beauty products to prove their actual organic content. This means brands can label their product as ‘organic’ or ‘natural’, but they may contain as little as 1% organic ingredients.  If you don’t see that all important logo on beauty products, it’s not actually certified organic at all.  Always look for the logo!


Voya Sustainable SkinCare

VOYA looks deeper than the superficial, our products and wellbeing and spa therapies offer a rounded health-conscious approach to beauty that emphases therapeutic treatments and stress management. The customer now knows that what they put on their bodies is as important as what they put in their bodies.

Depletion of non-renewable resources and an increasingly growing global population is steadily impacting the earth, with an abundance of plastic in our oceans and climate change being noticeable indicators. Being a sustainable business allows companies to become more efficient, improve their brand value and reputation and provide a platform for innovation. In fact, in a State of Fashion 2022 report by BoF & McKinsey, it was reported that 43% of Gen-Zers say they are actively seeking out companies that have a solid sustainability reputation.

Sustainability is one of VOYA’s core values. We are constantly looking for new technologies and innovations within this field, and view sustainability as a necessity rather than an option in an ever-growing global economy.


Voya Transparent Skincare

In an aim to showcase our product’s organic accreditations, VOYA now displays the individual product accolades on our website under the FAQ section alongside their full ingredients list. We want to bring transparency to beauty and wellness at a time when the public hungers for integrity and clarity.

Through the tradition of sustainable seaweed harvesting, VOYA’s native knowledge of this natural resource is second to none. Seaweed in our eyes is and always will be a health remedy. We know our harvesters, scientists and suppliers by name, and we guarantee that our products are the most pristine on the market. That is why, after you use our Lazy Days seaweed bath, we recommend you add it to your own organic garden to share its goodness back to the earth.


Voya Vegan Friendly

‘’On a mission to be healthier, consumer interest in veganism isn’t just a fad, it’s a major trend. Evidence from Mintel’s Global New Products Database supports this: vegan product launches have risen by 175% from July 2013-June 2018. Mintel’s Andrew MacDougall suggests that people “will want to align their beauty routine with the rest of their lifestyle.”

VOYA in 2022 is on its way to becoming Vegan, we estimate that 95% of our skincare products are vegan-friendly, apart from a handful of products that contain sustainably sourced beeswax. You can clearly see which VOYA products are Gluten Free or Vegan-Friendly by clicking on the FAQ section on each of our product pages.


All VOYA products are sent for Soil Association/ COMOS certified organic evaluation to ensure the products are not environmentally damaging and produce the least amount of pollutive agents as possible. To achieve COSMOS ORGANIC certification, a whopping 95 per cent of a product’s ingredients must be certified organic for it to reach this organic standard. Having a Soil Association or COSMOS logo on your products guarantees the following:

Voya Look for the Logo

  • All ingredients and their sourcing methods are checked.
  • GM Free
  • Protection of vulnerable plants
  • No Animal Testing
  • That only naturally derived colours and fragrances used.
  • Restrictions over the petrochemical’s ingredients
  • Prevents greenwashing.
  • Manufacturers are inspected annually.
  • Packaging Standards
  • The company has environmental management systems in waste to minimise waste.

Find out more about the Soil Association and COSMOS here


Voya is cruelty free

Many customers do not realise that if your product is certified under the COSMOS organic accreditation that your products are automatically deemed cruelty free due to the intense auditing process that takes place. Here at VOYA, we wanted our customers to be 100% sure of this. That is why we have also acquired our PETA Cruelty-Free status and logos. If you are unsure if a brand is testing on animals, you can search PETA’s cruelty-free database here.


The negative results of global warming will eventually affect us all, in every corner of the world. Therefore, every year since 2012 VOYA through the World Land Trust offset our carbon emissions. These funds are then invested in the protection and restoration of threatened tropical forests to combat the devastating effects of global warming.

Voya is carbon balanced

The WLT is working through local project partners to restore biologically important habitats throughout the world. Carbon Balanced projects are currently taking place in Vietnam, Ecuador, Paraguay and the portfolios continue to expand.

Through the generous support of individuals and organisations, the World Land Trust has been instrumental in the purchase and protection of over 500,000 acres of tropical forest and other threatened habitats which would otherwise have been lost. Offsetting of CO2 emissions through WLT is a voluntary action demonstrating a corporate commitment to addressing climate change and threatened biodiversity through credible conservation projects.

VOYA are proud to say that from the 1st January 2013 – 31st December 2017, 483.79633 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions associated with the general operations of VOYA have been offset


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