Oh So Scented Reed Diffuser | Lavender, Rose And Camomile


Oh So Scented Reed Diffuser | Lavender, Rose and Camomile

Sensuous, calming, subtle and sweet, this scent evokes instant tranquillity and a sense of relaxation, created by cushioning notes of camomile with rose essence. Experience the gentle floral uplift of summery lavender and geranium and let it unfold like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers, enveloping your chosen environment with a harmonious soothing aroma. Calming rose and elegant camomile combine to make this therapeutic scent the ultimate accomplice to the perfect night’s sleep.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Glass Bottle containing 100ml of VOYA Oil
  • 1 Decorative Cap
  • 1 Bundle of Reed Sticks

Location Tip:

Perfect for bedrooms or any space used for relaxation

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  • Remove the bottle stopper and replace the wooden top.
  • Insert the reed sticks into the opening. Allow 48 hours for the fragrance to diffuse.
  • To control scent levels, add or reduce the number of reed sticks.
  • Natural reeds will absorb the fragrance oil and deliver a longer lasting fragrance.


This soothing fragrance will help to de-stress and settle a racing mind.  


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